What is DID.IT?
DID.IT is an online label developed by the Design Incubation Centre (DIC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The products are designed by the young designers from the NUS Division of Industrial Design (DID). 


What is the purpose of DID.IT?
Selected few young designers (both undergraduates and fresh graduates from DID) are hired at DIC as their first job to complete an incubation programme that develops their projects to reality. Projects that successfully reach production and commercialisation will be sold on the DID.IT Online store.

This retail platform serves as a great milestone for these young designers, as well as a promotional platform for communication and awareness of their work to the market.

The young designers are thrilled by this rewarding achievement because the items showcased on DID.IT are their very first product produced as a designer.

Supporters of local designs and talents can also gather here and keep a look out for releases on this platform.


How did the name “DID.IT” come about?
It started with a sentence as part of the product introduction: “Students and alumnus from Division of Industrial Design did it”. 

We wanted something to be representative of the Division, so “DID.IT” is actually a word play of the acronyms for “Division of Industrial Design”, “DID” for short. The logical thought process went from “DID did it”, which  evolved to “DID.IT” today.


Will the products be restocked if sold out?
Unfortunately, no. All DID.IT products are produced in small quantities as part of the incubation programme at NUS DIC.

So get your hands on the products you love before they run out - They are all limited-edition!


Are the products produced in-house at the Design Incubation Centre?
Our Centre do not have manufacturing capabilities as we are part of an educational institution. The products are outsourced to produce. Depending on the requirements and type of product, we source for manufacturers well versed in the specific area.

For example, the Ji Jian Wu Porcelain Collection is produced in Taiwan for their exceptional craftsmanship in porcelain products.

As for the design, everything is designed in Singapore by our talented young designers at NUS DID!


Does DID.IT have a physical store?
Not at the moment, but we do partner interested retailers to carry our products in their physical and/or online stores. 

Some of our notable partners are KrisShop (Singapore Airlines), SCENE SHANG, Design Orchard, and NUS Co-Op.


Why is the International shipping fee so expensive?
As part of the University, we are not a business entity and is not business oriented. Hence, we do not have any warehouse in preferable locations to dispatch orders that reduces the shipping fee.

Another contributing factor is that the number of parcels does not meet the minimum requirement for more competitive shipping rate, so we are limited to the options offered to us. 

Our shipping fees are currently determined based on the weight and size of the parcel, referenced from various logistic companies. For Local deliveries, we usually use SingPost. For other countries, we mainly use DHL. 

All orders are dispatched from our Design Incubation Centre’s office, located in: National University of Singapore, 8 Architecture Drive (SDE 4), #05-09, Singapore 117356.


Still have questions?
Email us at: shop@didit.sg