COLOR <br> Colour Language
COLOR <br> Colour Language
COLOR <br> Colour Language
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Colour Language

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Based on a true story of the Candoshi culture which have no words for colours, “Colour Language” teaches an alternative way for children (and even adults) to describe colours through its context. Each set is coupled with a guidebook for parents or facilitators, and playable booklets consisting of 2 shapes in red – a circle and a square. The shapes and colour act as an ambiguous stimuli as to what object it can be when placed against different backgrounds. Try varying the shapes with distances, angles and even placing them against real environments around you – “Colour Language” opens up unlimited imagination and hours of fun!

Facilitation guides will be provided upon purchase.

“Colour Language” currently only comes in Red. Other colours may occur in future.
Ages: 6+
Play Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Options Includes Price Size of Packaging
1 Set
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 1 x Booklet A (Circle)
  • 1 x Booklet B (Square)
SGD 14 L 28cm x W 20cm
2 Sets
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 2 x Booklet A (Circle)
  • 2 x Booklet B (Square)
SGD 23 L 28cm x W 20cm
3 Sets 
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 3 x Booklet A (Circle)
  • 3 x Booklet B (Square)
SGD 32 L 28cm x W20cm
5 Sets
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 5 x Booklet A (Circle)
  • 5 x Booklet B (Square)
SGD 50 L28cm x W20cm

Box of 40 Sets
(For Schools or Educational Centres)

  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 40 x Booklet A (Circle)
  • 40 x Booklet B (Square)
SGD 399 L 30cm x W 24cm x H 9cm

The COLOR Program opens the discussion to the socio-cultural perspective behind colours to help children see colours beyond their mere labels. The two modules, "Colour Stories" and "Colour Language", approach the subject from vastly different perspectives and use special learning probes tailored to the topic. Through this program, children and even adults will be inspired to rediscover the colours of the world.

COLOR is awarded with Golden Pin Design Award 2022.

Stacey Yip DID.IT

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COLOR <br> Colour Language
COLOR <br> Colour Language
COLOR <br> Colour Language