COLOR <br> Colour Stories
COLOR <br> Colour Stories
COLOR <br> Colour Stories
COLOR <br> Colour Stories

Colour Stories

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What do you know about Colour? Be surprised and enlightened by discovering unconventional facts through the “Colour Stories” that revolves around a colour!

Each set consists of a guidebook for parents or facilitators, a deck of 10 interactive cards – each tells a different story about yellow, and a water dropper. Simply drip droplets of water on each interactive card activable by water to reveal the unknown. Parents or facilitators will participate in children’s learning by prompting with suggested discussion topics and guiding questions provided in the guidebook. Try expanding the sessions beyond the cards by bridging the new knowledge learnt to real contexts with the suggested activities. “Colour Stories” will surely bring about engaging and enriching experiences about colour, with hours of sharing and discussion. 

Online resources and facilitation guides will be provided upon purchase.

The “Colour Stories” currently only comes about Yellow. Other colours may occur in future.
Ages: 6+
Play Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Duration with Extended Activities: 6 hours
Water not included.




    Size of Packaging

    Single Set

    • 1 x Guidebook
    • 1 x Deck of 10 Colour Stories Cards
    • 1 x Water Dropper

    SGD 29

    L 21cm x W x 15.5cm x H 2.7cm

    Box of 40 Sets

    (For Schools and Educational Centres)

    • 1 x Guidebook
    • 40 x Deck of 10 Colour Stories Cards
    • 40 x Water Dropper

      SGD 599

      L 30cm x W 24cm x H 12.5cm

      What do teachers think about the cards?

      The cards “Provided information about colours that people wouldn’t really know.”

      “Hands-on and engaging. Students need to observe carefully to see the colour change, some of which are fleeting. So they had to be very observant...”

      "They are filled with fun facts!"

      The COLOR Program opens the discussion to the socio-cultural perspective behind colours to help children see colours beyond their mere labels. The two modules, "Colour Stories" and "Colour Language", approach the subject from vastly different perspectives and use special learning probes tailored to the topic. Through this program, children and even adults will be inspired to rediscover the colours of the world.

      COLOR is awarded with Golden Pin Design Award 2022.

      Stacey Yip DID.IT

      More details about COLOR, visit:

      Photo Credit: Poh Yun Ru and Stacey Yip

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      COLOR <br> Colour Stories
      COLOR <br> Colour Stories
      COLOR <br> Colour Stories