Furmidable Pelts <br> Dalmation
Furmidable Pelts <br> Dalmation

Furmidable Pelts

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Resulting from a taxonomic research on multifaceted properties of dog fur, the collection of pelts was handcrafted from specific hair of common and familiar breeds. Adopting the form of a hide, like one of a tiger from the colonial era, or one of a lamb found among the shelves in IKEA. These pelts dabble between the uncanny familiarity of their origin and the awkward otherness, and questions the boundaries and confrant our relationship with the living and the consumer society, where some animals exist with no other purpose than our pleasure or convenience.

Beyond this provocation, these Furmidable Pelts reimagine and ultilise clipped dog hairs, a by-product of a potential circular economy, as an abundant and ethical alternative to the fur industry. 

Cynthia Chan DID.IT

Handmade. Each is a unique piece and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

The Furmidable Pelts Collection comes in 2 variations:

  1. Dalmation: L110 x W79cm
  2. Schnauzer: L50 x W38cm

For more information, please visit: https://designincubation.sg/project/furmidable-pelts

Furmidable Pelts <br> Dalmation