Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马
Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马
Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马
Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马

Ji Jian Wu

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The horse symbolises success in the Chinese culture because of a commonly known idiom, 马到功成 (Ma Dao Gong Cheng), which means to achieve immediate victory.

In Chinese language, a word or phrase can often have multiple interpretations. 马上 (Ma Shang) can mean "immediately" or, "on top of the horse".

By placing different objects on top of the horse, it conveys the meaning of achieving something soon or immediately.


In Feng Shui practice, the horse is used to enhance luck in one’s career or study.


Inspired by the richness of Chinese culture embedded in Feng Shui article, the Ji Jian Wu collection presents a contemporary take on these traditional objects. Whether or not you are a believer, the receiver is gifted with well-wishes.

Lin Qiuxia DID IT

Hand crafted porcelain with pure gold gilding, very well made in Taiwan

Limited production (400 pieces)

Dimensions: 60 x 76 x 116 mm (L x W x H)

Ji Jian Wu Collection from designincubationcentre on Vimeo.


More information about Ji Jian Wu, visit DIC's website.

Photo Credit: Poh Yun Ru
Video Credit: Poh Yun Ru and Lin Qiuxia
Voiceover: Lin Qiuxia

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Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马
Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马
Ji Jian Wu <br> Ma <br> 马