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Rollo is a safer and more hygienic alternative to finger scratching. Designed to be pocket-sized, the plastic rollerball is textured and distributes a downward pressure when rolled over your skin. It provides soothing physical relief, all with less chance of skin tearing.

Designed with the advice of Skin Researchers and Dermatologists, Rollo is a general itch relief tool and can be used on mosquito bites, rashes and even chronic skin conditions like eczema. It is also suitable for use by the elderly and young children with adult supervision.

Designed by Koh Bei Ning. Rollo is an undergraduate project developed with the NUS Design Incubation Centre at the Division of Industrial Design.

Product is patent pending.

The Science of Rolling an Itch Away

How is pressing relieving? When textures on the ball repeatedly press into our itchy skin, the pressure interrupts itch pathways to the brain. Like how making an 'X' over our mosquito bites helps to soothe the itch. 

Without Rollo, it is common for users to accidentally harm themselves while scratching an intense itch. The uninterrupted rolling dampens impact on the skin, so users can go at it harder and faster if they need to.

Each Rollo includes: 

  • A canvas pouch for portability and hygiene
  • A product manual


  • Ball - Food-grade POM
  • Holder - Polycarbonate (PC-ABS)

How to use:

  • Start by rolling Rollo gently and slowly on skin
  • Gradually adjust the speed and downward pressure to achieve desired itch relief
  • For more intense flare-ups, apply firm and swift rolling motions
  • After alleviating the itch, apply prescribed topical creams to affected area directed by your dermatologist


  • James Dyson Award 2023 - International Top 20
  • iF Design Student Award 2023
  • Core77 Design Award 2023 Notable

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What Users say?

Rollo is tested with 15 different people,  including those with chronic itch conditions like eczema. Hear about their experience with Rollo:

"It is not abrasive. Some products feel very rough, and there is fear (to use them). But I do not feel that with Rollo." 
- Female, 24, Healthcare worker. Dry itchy hands from frequent hand sanitisation.

"It feels nice on my skin and I don't end up scratching my skin." 
- Female, 92. Dry skin and eczema.



  • Rollo works most efficiently on non-oily skin
  • Suitable for general itch, like mosquito bites and rashes
  • Not suitable to use on open wounds, thick scab, on lips and hair
  • Avoid use on skin conditions that can spread via contact
  • Rollo is not a medical product


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